Talented Lebanese Fashion Designer

Evan Ziadeh, is a talented Lebanese fashion designer. He was born in Kesserwan, Lebanon 1973.

After pursuing his studies in couture and fashion design, and after working with several design houses in Lebanon, Evan opens his first atelier in Kuwait in the year 2000 and showcases his original dresses’ line. Evan’s Design house in the best known for women’s dresses, which are made from luxurious materials that are very well tailored to fit women’s silhouettes glamorously. Evan is currently adorning the wardrobes of various glamorous celebrities and many other public figures in the Arab world.

Evan’s professional journey between Lebanon and the Gulf Areaenriched his approach to fashion and style through mixing between the Lebanese taste towards trends and the Gulf sensibility for textiles and details. Highly influenced by the classical Middle Eastern styles, Evan fully devours the contemporary trends from the kaleidoscopic vision to fashion. Hence Evan Ziadeh’s collections are considers to be blend between the classical style and the modern experience in elegance. His bridal line is characterized by uniqueness, grace and eccentricity.

My Vision

Fashion design is about cultural and social latitudes. It is about combining materials, colors and patterns to produce an original outcome. Fashion nowadays is reinventing and executing women’s dreams and fantasies. It expresses femininity and beauty through textiles, colors and cuts.